2 comments on “Automated Window Blinds with Arduino – How-to Section

  1. Yup I removed and the rod spins freely. But as I mentioned my rod is square so how would I glue it where the silver thing is. If I remove that it is just hollow with just the rod. See how I pushed the servo in the manual crank. I did that because the space that is left I can just fill with hot glue and it will make them touch, but since the rod is square, it makes this project a lot harder, or maybe impossible with a square rod.

  2. I dont think that the rod being square matters at all. Mine was a hexagon. Remove the manual crank box. Slide the rod back, so that it is only half way through the silver spool. Stick the servo into the square hole in the silver spool. Bond the servo spline to the square hole with hot glue.

    My real concern is the last paragraph in my post.

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